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Good Morning To My Fellow Artists,   

First and foremost I hope you and your family are remaining healthy during these challenging times. As we 'shelter in place' and keep our 'social distancing' I have found a way we can maintain these good practices and connect with one another while perusing our passion for painting in watercolor.

  In an effort to provide a little instruction and encouragement, 
                                      I am initiating a ...    
        Live video broadcast Saturday, April 11th at 2 P.M. 
                                      (central time)

This broadcast will be live and may have a few rough edges, but you will have the opportunity to ask questions , watch a painting be completed, and find that spark of inspiration that we all need right now.   I have been blessed with the opportunity to have a career as an artist, and educator. As a thank you to the many I have influenced , whether in a classroom, through my books,videos or the many articles that I have written for art magazines, I have found a way to continue that process and bring continued enjoyment in your art journey. 

 The process in simple  FOLLOW THESE STEPS:
* Click on the  [blue link below]  at 2 P.M. (central time) 
  on Saturday April 11th, 2020                                                               

If you are not be able to see the live broadcast on Saturday, or wish to watch it again later, it will be available to you by clicking on the same link.  You can even pause and rewind to gain a better understanding of what was demonstrated.   

Based upon viewership and response , I look to continue these broadcasts. So, in my small way I hope you will find these on-line lessons helpful, motivating and provide us a way to stay connected as we brighten the world around us. 

Sooooo ... See you in class soon ... get your pencil and paper ready ... mark the date ... and tell your friends !

Kind Regards,   
Tom Lynch

P.S. You can find many other lessons and 'live' broadcasts at       

P.P.S.You can find my workshop schedule ( including my new studio/classroom in Illinois where I also offer classes ) at

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